Virginia Knife Laws

Most of the housewives, chefs, butchers and some people are fond of collecting different types of knives as their hobby. But, the problem arises when Virginia has banned from owning, buying or selling the typical types of knives characterizing knives as a weapon and issued knife’s license for owning it. Although Virginia knife laws and knife licensing processes are quite friendly for the ones who are fond of knives collection in certain ways but on the same time it has restricted the buying and selling of the legal knives. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the underpinnings of Virginia Knife Laws so that you can possess, buy, or sell the knives, throwing stars, ballistic knives, or switchblade knives through a legal process.

Illegal Knives

According to the Virginia Knife Law, Section 18.2-311, it is illegal to own or sell switchblade, oriental darts, ballistic knives, or throwing stars within Virginia State unless an individual is able to provide or declare an authentic proof of clear intention of possessing or selling it.

Knives that cannot be readily recognized as knives such as sword canes, disguised knives, belt buckle, lipstick knives, or foldable knives can be legally owned and openly carried but not shown in public places.

Legal Length of Knives

According to section 18.2-308 of Virginia knife law, it is illegal to carry any knife in public, school, or school grounds having a blade shorter than 3 inches. However, a knife with a blade 3 inches or longer is legal to use, carry, or show in public or school.

Legal Knives

On the other hand, the same section continues to state “all other knives except the mentioned above are legal to own, buy, sell, gift or receive as a gift. Moreover, a person can openly carry or conceal in the home according to owner’s private property rights.” The knives that are not explicitly banned by the Virginia law and are legal to possess, buy, sell, or carry include balisong knives, bowie knives, KA-BAR, machetes, swords, hunting knives, pocket knives, utility knives, disguised knives, stilettos and other types of knives.

Concealing of Knives

Apart from the open carry and possession of the knives, concealed carry is also a considerable aspect according to the Virginia knife law section 18.2-308 which restricts the concealed carry of knives in Virginia including Bowie, switchblade, ballistic, razors, shuriken or throwing stars or any other knives similar to it. However, an exception is posed in transporting these non-concealable knives from the place of purchasing to the home but it is important to securely wrap the item for its legal concealment.

Therefore, you must consider these Virginia knife laws before making a decision about your knife purchase or carrying it without getting hassled or worried. This is because the primary objective of this law is to ensure the legal and safe access to the weapon and its use for the evil purpose could be restricted by the lawful regulations of the state. Moreover, this law has also resulted in a prominent decrease in the crime rates that were previously observed in Virginia by using different kinds of fatal knives due to the legal ban and restrictions regarding the possession, buying, selling, concealing, or any other action with the knives.