Reckless Driving Lawyer in Fairfax

Practically anyone can become nervous while driving in Fairfax, if they see the flashing lights of the car of patrol officer in the rearview signaling them to pullover. As the traffic laws of Fairfax are considered to be one of most strict traffic laws, a criminal charge for a traffic violation happen relatively frequent than you may think. Even an action as minor as failing to signal can be considered as an act of reckless driving in Fairfax, which is a criminal misdemeanor that include an active jail time as a punishment. Unluckily if your traffic top turns into a criminal offense, it is advisable to contact a reckless driving lawyer in Fairfax as soon as possible to get to know the possibilities of getting out of this charged without any severe impact on your life.

In case you receive a traffic ticket for reckless driving in Fairfax, you must not consider it similar to a traffic ticket for running a red light or failing to yield or any other similar traffic infraction. When it comes to charge of reckless driving, many people unknowingly admit the guilt and accept the penalty without realizing that if you plead guilty and got convicted for the offense of reckless driving in Fairfax, it will be conviction of a class 1 misdemeanor on your criminal record. In addition to that, similar to other convictions for a criminal offense, a conviction for reckless driving can have a lifelong impact even after you have paid your penalties and have completed further terms of your sentence for reckless driving in Fairfax. On the other hand, you can consider hiring help of a well versed reckless driving lawyer in order to fight against the charge of reckless driving, which may result in either complete dismissal of the charges or minimized to a less severe penalties.

As class 1 misdemeanor, reckless driving in punishable by up to 12 months of active jail time. The offense of reckless driving in Fairfax can be upgraded to a felony if it adds up to further charge of driving under influence or driving with a suspended license. Without the assistance of a reckless driving lawyer in Fairfax, such serious traffic violations can result into a profound and lasting impact. Apart from the heavy fines, jail time and license suspension, the conviction for reckless driving in Fairfax will accumulate 6 DMV demerit points against your license and will remain on your driving record for 11 years. Reckless driving lawyers in Fairfax can protect you against such consequences.