Reckless Driving Henrico Virginia Punishment

In the past decade, Henrico Virginia formulated laws and rules governing the traffic violation. The traffic violation particularly reckless driving imposes significant threads and increases the risk of traffic accidents. In these regards, Henrico Virginia jurisdiction devised a system that patrols roads of Henrico Virginia to keep an eye on all the individuals that are associated with reckless driving and which, therefore, potentially could cause accidents and/or traffic incidents. These individuals, when caught by the police are convicted to Reckless Driving Henrico Virginia Punishment.

Reckless Driving

Reckless driving is defined as the act of intentionally committing traffic offenses. The criteria for reckless driving include:

  • Speedy driving: Violating the speed limit that is 20mph where mentioned and 80mph for all the roads.
  • Texting during driving
  • Inappropriate driving: crossing the intersection, changing of lanes, crossing the school, passing the double roads or highway, racing, and disregarding the traffic signal
  • Unable to control the vehicle due to brake failure

As mentioned earlier, the state and local police are constantly patrolling the roads of Henrico Virginia to charge and convict people with Reckless Driving Henrico Virginia Punishment.

Reckless Driving Henrico Virginia Punishment.

In these regards, severe consequences underlie the Reckless Driving Henrico Virginia Punishment. The Reckless Driving Henrico Virginia Punishment comprises of Class 1 misdemeanour. The Class 1 misdemeanour encloses imprisonment, traffic ticket, or fine, along with licence suspension.

  • Imprisonment: In accordance with the law of Henrico Virginia, the person involved with traffic offences particularly reckless driving can be sentenced to jail for the time period of 12 months to minimum of 6 months depending upon the nature of criminal act under the Commonwealth of Virginia State Law Code 46.2-862.
  • Fine: Reckless Driving, Henrico Virginia Punishment, includes payment of fine of amount $2500.
  • Licence suspension: If a person is repeatedly involved with reckless driving, the police can temporarily and/or permanently suspend the persons driving license. In addition to this, the police department can demerit the drivers license where the accumulation of these points, can ultimately lead to a drastic increase in the payment of insurance premium.

Moreover, if a person while driving recklessly commits a traffic incident or a deadly accident, the driver will be convicted to Reckless Driving Henrico Virginia Punishment as well as class 6 penalty that includes years of prison and a heavy fine. In addition, there are several secondary consequences in addition to Reckless Driving Henrico Virginia Punishment that includes a permanent criminal record that causes difficulty in social clearance, loss of occupational, educational, and driving opportunities.

In case, if you are convicted of Reckless Driving Henrico Virginia Punishment, you are advised to seek guidance from the respective law firm. The law firms have well trained, experienced and capable defense attorneys that can aggregate a strong case in your favor and subsequently help you prove your innocence in traffic court. Our attorneys have a complete understanding of the traffic laws of Henrico, Virginia and thus, are capable of tackling such circumstances and cases.