Petit Larceny VA

Larceny is a serious crime that can be divided into petit larceny and grand larceny. Both of them carry charges and the impact of these charges remains on the record of a person forever. If you are accused of larceny, it is essential to consult an attorney to make you out of trouble. In simple words, larceny means stealing away belongings of others without their permission, or a person intent not to borrow any specific product and deprives the owner of its possession. The larceny cases are viewed under the code of 18.2-95 and 18.2-96. The circumstances that Petit Larceny VA involves a person is property less than $200 and not taken away from a person, or property is less than $5 and taken away from the person. The complications of law demand to take the assistance of a lawyer to make you understand the sensitivity of the charges.

Petit Larceny VA Penalties

Petit larceny VA is considered Class 1c misdemeanour. It has been assumed that Petit larceny is serious larceny, but still, it is believed the most serious crime. The seriousness of the crime allows the judges to sentence to the convicted person. For this, person can face 1-year imprisonment with a fine of $2,500. Larceny is also punishable in the same way. This follows in petit and grand larceny as well.

The most important factor that judges consider is the criminal record of a person. If a person is found convicted of larceny crime, the imprisonment could be more severe. It has been observed that judges sometimes imprisoned a person just for a fine for the first offense. If a person found for committing larceny twice before, then they can be charged with grand larceny. For this, a person faces 10 years of imprisonment. It becomes essential to hire an experienced and skilled lawyer to handle your case regarding petit larceny VA.

Defences of Petit Larceny VA

If a woman is found in a store with something in her purse and later charged with larceny, it becomes essential for the prosecutor to prove that woman has intended to take the stuff out of the store. It is also important to acknowledge that the person borrows stuff without permission of the owner, wants to return the item, he or she is not considered guilty of petit larceny VA.

In terms of legal defenses, some of the courts have created first offender programs. This allows a person to enter with a clean record to do community-based services and take classes. After the completion of the program, it will enable the judge to dismiss the charges without conviction. Various factors determine the possibility of the offering of the program by the judges. It depends on the eligibility of a person and if the program is considered the best for cases.

Consult Lawyer of Petit Larceny VA 

It is clear about that petit larceny VA cannot be taken for granted. It also comes in the crimes that can charge a person for severe penalties. In this regard, it is important to hire petit larceny lawyers to handle and defend your case in the court. If you are accused of petit larceny, it is essential to make a call to a lawyer to guide you accordingly.