How to File a Restraining Order on Someone in Virginia

What is a Restraining Order?

A restraining order or protective order in Virginia is a document or file signed by the Court or a magistrate that stops one person to interact with another person or a family. It can also be used for protecting business, establishment, or the general public, because of violence or such harmful situations that might happen. Outside Virginia, every state of United States has got themselves protective laws to prevent sexual assault, violence and even stalking. The person who files for the restraining order gets protection orders from the Court. In easy words, the person who is getting the restraining order is the protective person or the person who is getting protection. The restraining order against a person means the accused or guilty person is restrained from having any kind of contact with the other person. In some of the cases in Virginia, people actually file for a restraining order for the whole family, not just an individual.

How to file a Restraining Order on Someone?

If you feel any sort of threat from someone, whether it’s sexual assault, violence or stalking, you can file for a restraining order in the Court of Virginia. Elementary step for filing a restraining order is to consult an attorney or a lawyer. A lawyer will guide you better and also going to take care of your case on your behalf. Although, as easy it sounds, this isn’t always an easy route or straightforward task. You need to opt one way out of three to file a restraining order. There are three different type of protective orders;

  • Preliminary Protective Order (PPO)
  • Emergency Protective Order (EPO)
  • Final Protective Order (FPO)

Every mentioned category above has their dedicated timings. From 72 hours to unlimited period, depending entirely on the case and the situation. The Court decides after studying the whole situation and then order one of the following. Preliminary Protective Order last for 72 hours and no one in Virginia except the Court or the Magistrate can either extend or lessen up the timings of this order. Mostly, this order takes place for the very first time anyone files of a restraining order. A person can’t stop anyone or implement this order if 15 days are passed. If your ex-wife or ex-partner is moving abroad along with the child, then you can’t stop her with this order. You need to take new order for that.

File for Restraining Order Online in Virginia

The modern age is up and running and now there is a website, which can allow you to file for protective order online and ask for consultancy as well, solely dedicated to Virginia State. You can find the website link here. The website is called I-CAN, which allows every citizen of Virginia to feel secure and safe and file for the protective order whenever they want. There is a form which asks you about some basic question and your information, but it is all confidential. Once you open the website, you will be assisted with each step.

  • Choose Protective order based on your situation
  • Easy form filling and assistance for that
  • Choose the Court in which you want to file the Case
  • Details of the case and your filing procedure

All these steps will assist you for better results and find the best solution for you.