How much is a reckless driving speeding ticket in va?

Traffic violations are considered to be an offense of high illegitimacy all around the world, but when it comes to United States of America regulations become tougher and stricter. Every individual found guilty of any violation has to undergo severe penalties imposed by the court under the Virginian law. All traffic violations are considered as strict, but when it comes to reckless driving, it is characterized as the most dangerous violation of all, even more than that of improper driving.

Reckless driving and improper driving are the two charges which are usually confused with one another, however, they both are distinct in accordance to their nature of complexity and attributes. Any person found driving vehicle heedlessly, carelessly or with a speed more than the prescribed limit by the Government is subjected to the charge of improper driving while in case if an individual is found driving rashly where lives and property of people around are vulnerable to risks is subjected to the charge of reckless driving. Reckless driving is considered to be a greater offense than that of improper driving.

In case of improper driving and over speeding a person is charged with a traffic ticket of $6 for each mile per hour. Moreover, court charges are also enforced on the accused, where he ends up with a total fine of $141. As already discussed previously reckless driving is different than that of over speeding or improper driving, therefore penalties imposed in both cases are also different. In case of a reckless driving charge a person is convicted to class 1 misdemeanor under which a traffic ticket is not charged, instead following punishments are imposed on the convicted:

  • An imprisonment of six months or a whole year(depending upon the complexity of the case);
  • Suspension of driver’s driving license for a particular tenure of time;
  • A fine of $2500 is imposed on the accused;
  • 6 points are charged on his driving It then stays on the record for eleven months;
  • However in severe cases all punishments are imposed on the accused.

Reckless driving is considered to be a crime of substantial unlawfulness, where a person is enforced to severe penalties, however one can argue in the court in order to reduce the punishment. For this purpose one has to prove that whether he or she was driving rashly, but no one around was at harm. In order to do so one requires a legal attorney or adviser who can efficiently deal with traffic violation charges proficiently.

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