Grand Larceny Virginia First Offense

Grand larceny Virginia first offense can lead to a jail time with serious consequences if the person is not provided with a proper defense. In addition, difficulty can be encountered while expunging criminal records, as it could accompany the accused person throughout the life contributing to difficulty in obtaining and keeping employment. Grand larceny Virginia first offense is entailed with taking goods or money and leaving the owner deprived of it. Simultaneously, after charging the person with a charge of larceny, it is necessary for defendants to attain legal representation so that rigorous scrutiny of evidence could be carried out. By the help of pretrial discovery, prosecution’s case could be strengthened by ascertaining the relevance of allegation with the criminal charge by involving an attorney.

Charges of Petit Larceny in Virginia

It is also known as petty theft involving property theft of less than $200 or $5. Additionally, it underpins low chances of getting serious charges, as the money has been directly stolen from another person. In Virginia, the petit larceny penalties include:

  1. Jail up to a year,
  2. $2,500 fine, and
  3. A criminal record with Class I misdemeanor.

In many cases, persecutors do not provide a correct explanation about the value of the stolen property. Therefore, the accused person could be posed to a risk of experiencing penalties that are more rigorous. By involving an experienced and highly skilled attorney, the defendant can obtain clarity about the difference between a lenient sentence and a higher penalty. 

Grand Larceny Virginia First Offense

If a property worth more than $200 has been stolen or if a land with the value of more than $5 has been taken from a person without telling the owner, the person who has committed the crime is viewed as a grand larceny in Virginia. Another major example of Grand Larceny Virginia First Offense is stealing a firearm. Most charges of grand larceny in Virginia are reported as felonies, which can lead to imprisonment with a financial penalty. The penalties entrenched by grand larceny in Virginia are:

  • Imprisonment for minimum 1 year that could exceed up to 20 years, and
  • $2,500 fine or more

Discretion is possessed by the courts of Virginia according to which they have a right to sentence the accused person leniently, as close as that of the accusers of petit larceny. Defendants who have made alleged stealth of property with the cost less than or closer to $200 often receive lenient sentences, only if they have a strong attorney who could argue regarding such considerations.

Penalties for Convicting Multiple Larceny

The law practices in Virginia are encompassed with well-designed trier system so that offenders who have convicted multiple larcenies could go through mandatory sentencing. A second conviction of larceny, either petite or grand, is responsible for carrying a 30 days sentence as a minimum charge that could exceed up to a year. The third case of larceny conviction is classified under a Class 6 misdemeanor, alongside projecting a minimum charge of one-year imprisonment. On the other hand, a person who conspires to commit Grand larceny Virginia first offense or assisting another person to commit the crime can also be sentenced to an imprisonment of 20 years. Conspiracy is viewed as a complex criminal activity in Virginia, which can be explained by theft attorney of the state.